Invoicing and collections

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what good is doing the work if your don't get paid?

  • Send us your documents or cloud service access
  • we evaluate the online information
  • we draft a preliminary invoice for the home owner
  • we update based on your request
  • we forward to the home owner 
  • we FedX, Cert Recpt, US mail, or Email.

What do we need


Invoice and collection agency, keep it easy!

  • You need: A copy of your contract
  • The final insurance if claim funds are used
  • a list of prior payments, dates, check numbers
  • a list of completed services provide by you the contractor.
  • Access to your cloud service if using one. 

Construction Services

collecting the money


  • We are working remote, 
  • You will be required to pickup the funds once we have assurance that they are there.  
  • We will make several attempts to contact for payment.  
  • Most times its 1 or 2 contacts.
  • Once you collect you contact us to close out your project. 
  •  If you negotiate a one time settlement, you are still charged for the whole fee

Invoice and Collection

To engage our amazing collections team, click below.  We attempt to negotiate a fair invoice plan for everyone. 

 (2.5% to 5%)

  • Most times our invoice plan is a small fraction of the actual collected amount.  
  • For Invoices less than $10,000 
    • The minimum processing fee is $150 per invoice.  
  • This includes creation of a custom invoice with your logo (1 to 2 days), 
  • Reconciliation of invoiced items, payments, and contract info, 
  • Submission to your customers, and 
  • Initial contact attempts (phone and email)
  • Most invoices are completed and mailed within 1 day

This does not include attorney fees if needed.  

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