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Claims Negotiations and Settlement Services MMBO $150 base

Claim Negotiations and Settlement Services


Finalizing your Supplement

Provide the needed documents, pictures, and information to complete your supplement. 

Please see our Estimate writing Services, its important that we present a quality, timely, accurate supplement for your roof project

Sending your supplement to insurance

If we completed your estimate, there is a good chance its already there.  If we haven't, we will formally send it to the carrier/desk adjuster for review and a tentative time to discuss within the next few days. 

Coming to an agreed final claim

The supplement was sent, and even discussed.  Now its time to bring it to closure, once agreed we request copies of the final insurance, and pictures and amounts of the final claim. 

New Claim Documents

Once the claim has been closed we will request and forward to you the new claim documents including any additional amounts of funds on your claim. 

Releasing Depreciation

Claims Adjusting: Have you completed the work yet?

Once complete, contact us so that we can send a certificate of completion and a request for release of depreciation.  

Construction services and Insurance Settlements and  Support

Picking up the final check!

Once we know your customers are complete and funds are released we will notify you to go and pickup the funds. 

Low Cost Supplements

Our Fees are $150.00 or 8.5% of the supplement increase (greater of the two) 


  • we provided you the initial estimate. 
  • we initially submitted to insurance
  • we have all necessary docs, pics, info

  • Ask about our maximum payout for large volume. 

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MMBO Claim and Settlement Services

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Settlement Services: we are excited to speak and work with you, join the hundreds of company folks that love the results of MMBO. 

MMBO Claim Services

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