Partnerships and Planning



Skills and Experiences


Skills and Tools

Construction Management Cloud Systems (BuildersTrend, Acculynx, EagleView, Trello, Xactimate, Contractors Cloud)

Intel Technology (Microsoft Excel Mastery, Access Database, Word, Project, SQL2012)

Construction and Project Management (Scope Definition and writing,  Contract Creation and Execution,  Experts in Activity Based Tracking and Costing.)

Creators of Unique Geo-Location Apps, to find new work, source storm damage, and track building activity.

Construction Consulting and Management (Storm Recovery, Property Damage Claim Estimating and Photo-Documentation. )

Claims Adjuster and Online Adjusters services.  More than 25+ million settled for major construction companies, 1000's of home owners have received our services. 

Current Projects

MMBO has been investigating and supporting contractors in Minnesota, Colorado, and Sioux Falls fine tune their operations to become higher margin, insurance claim closure, and process management Construction services, Construction Management and Online Adjusters

What they say about MMBO...

US Government "Frank" - Innovative, and creative, accomplished

National Construction Brand  "Scott" - They really turned us around, and help us become the national brand we are

Local Construction Company  "Bill"- Without them I would probably not be here, their technology and services was tremendous

Sales Associates  "Gary"- They have integrity and know how to make money in almost any situation, I would follow them anywhere

Sales Associate - "Chad" I have known this company and they have Pride, work hard and are incredibly accurate